White Striping Tape


White Striping Tape


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Striping tape 

Create stunning nail art with ease using our coloured striping tape. Can be used to create line work, for adding detail to nail art designs or this flexible tape can be contoured and bent to create fancy cuticle cuffs in seconds. 

Pro tip: double top coat your design to ensure it lasts 4 long weeks on your clients 

How to use; 

  1. Apply your favourite TNB gel polish colour 
  2. Using manicure scissors, cut your tape slightly longer than your desired length (but not too long, we don’t want too much wastage!) 
  3. Position the tape where you wish to place it, then apply to nail 
  4. Take your scissors and trim the excess to fit the nail 
  5. Apply TNB Diamond Shine topcoat & oil 

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