Safety Bit - Right Handed
Safety Bit - Righ... £31.50
Our safety bit is a fine-grit bit used to cut and finish acrylic and gel applications smoothly. Great for quick and easy gel polish removal. Great for beginners when starting off.Left-Handed Bit Also AvailableFor E-File Training Click here
150 Grit Sanding Bands
150 Grit Sanding ... £19.95
Zebra 150 Grit Sanding Band Medium, 100 PK. These sanding bands are wearable and durable: One piece can be used up to 20 times. They can be used on the natural nail, as well as acrylic and gel enhancements.
Safety Bit - Coarse
Safety Bit - Coarse £31.50
Our coarse safety bit is great for removing the gel polish from the surface of the enhancement and taking down the bulk of the enhancement quickly.Let this e-file bit do all the hard work for you.
Safety Bit - Medium
Safety Bit - Medium £15.00
- Material - High Quality Tungsten - Shaft size - 3/32  - Right and left handed  - Recommended RPM 15 - Safety bit (Medium grit) can be used for Gel Polish, Biab, Hard Gel & Acrylic, Infills, Debulking, Taking down length 
Sold out
Cuticle Nippers – Silver
Cuticle Nippers –... £12.50
TNB Cuticle Nippers are perfect for effectively removing the excess cuticle from the nail.The double spring makes these comfortable for to hold and use.Made of high quality stainless steel – these nippers will allow you to to execute perfect cuticle work on your clients
Diamond Cuticle Round Bit Medium
Diamond Cuticle R... £24.50
For detailed cuticle prep work
Tornado Bit
Tornado Bit £34.50
The Tornado Bit is superb for the removal of acrylic and gel by blanketing the hand and working in one direction. The Tornado Bit is so sharp that it is going to remove the colour of your enhancements super fast. This bit is perfect for the removal of gel paint, gel polish and glitter which makes it the perfect bit for maintenance.Check out Greg's tips and tricks on the safest and quickest way to remove colour from an acrylic enhancement using this bit. our customers have said: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "This bit takes bulk down like know one’s business" "This bit is amazing! My clients lived it's soft touch. Zipped off the gel polish in 5 min for both hands and it's pointed tip really helped get the sidewalls!" Use this E-File bit in cohesion with any our electric files.
Diamond Cuticle Square Bit Medium
Diamond Cuticle S... £24.50
For detailed cuticle prep work
Steel Sanding Mandrel
Steel Sanding Man... £20.40
This metal bit does just the trick to hold your arbor band in place and make sanding a breeze.
Diamond Cuticle Ball Bit Coarse
Diamond Cuticle B... £24.50
For detailed cuticle prep work
Safety Bit Left Handed
Safety Bit Left H... £31.50
The fine carbide safety bit is designed with a smooth bald top to prevent nail techs from cutting their clients during removal or refinement of enhancements. This bit quickly removes gel polish without doing damage to the natural nail. It's safe and speedy allowing you to work with confidence.A fine-grit bit used to cut and finish acrylic and gel applications smoothly.
Skiver £8.00
Olive Cuticle Bit
Olive Cuticle Bit £8.00
- Diamond bit made of steel - Standard shaft size 3/32 - Recommended RPM 6-8 - Lifts the cuticle off the nail plate - Removes excess dead skin around the nail plate
X-Cut Carbide Right Handed
X-Cut Carbide Rig... £31.50
Cross-cut zirconium coated carbide bit for cutting acrylic instead of shaving it, reducing heat buildup on the nail. The cross-cut reduces dust while removing acrylic during backfills.
Acid Free Primer 15ml
Acid Free Primer ... £10.00
Acid Free Nail Primer 15ml The way it works is that it bonds to that natural nail & provides an anchor for gel, acrylic and gel polish by created a sticky surface. A must have for any nail tech! 
Large Barrel Cross Cut Coarse
Large Barrel Cros... £27.60
A coarse-grit bit used to cut and finish acrylic and gel applications smoothly.

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