Peaches & Cream Gel Polish


Peaches & Cream Gel Polish


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LED/UV curable 

High gloss finish 

Long lasting (up to 4 weeks of wear)

Extensive colour range available 

Highly pigmented 


Pro tip- Use it with our base or rubber base (makes gels last longer) and our Diamond shine non wipe top coat for a super glossy finish. 

 How to use :


 Remove excess cuticle 

  1. Remove shine from nail using 180 file 
  2. Swipe to remove oils 
  3. Apply primer (we recommend Young Nails ‘protein bond’ 
  4. Apply base coat and cure 30 seconds (60 seconds for rubber base) 
  5. Apply 2 coats of colour, curing for 30seconds in between each coat 
  6. Apply non wipe top coat 
  7. Apply cuticle oil

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