THREE Ways to turn FIRST-TIME Clients into Regular Paying Customers

THREE Ways to turn FIRST-TIME Clients into Regular Paying Customers


We totally agree with the quote above, you only get One Shot at your first impression and it’s super important to get it right especially with new clients, after all we want turn our first time clients to regular paying customers.

When you get a new client you always want to make the first impression last. We all know that it can be daunting walking into a salon for the first time, not knowing what to expect. I know personally I have felt at one stage in my life going into a new salon:

– Nervous

– Anxious

– Scared

– Overwhelmed

(I even cried before I went for my first ever waxing appointment) ????

All of the above I have felt walking into a new salon for some type of beauty treatment, whether it was to get my nails or hair done etc. And if I have felt this way at one stage, I’m sure there are plenty of others feeling the same way too.


If I’m completely honest, I’ve NEVER had a bad experience in my life in ANY salon it was all in my own head – (The waxing appointment turned out to be absolutely fine BTW and we all had a good laugh afterwards) ????

So here are just a THREE THINGS to always keep in mind when you have a first-time client come through your door????

Whether you’re just starting in this business or have been in the game for a long time, these small things can have the BIGGEST impact and can turn a first-time client into a regular paying one???? 

And that’s the goal here for our business right? Convert first time customers into our regulars to grow and scale our business????


This sounds so simple right? But we know especially in the nail industry you can be back to back with clients, have appointments deciding last minute for nail art, the pressure builds up and you need to get the head down to hit your appointment times. Sound familiar?

A warm welcome will quickly help diffuse any nerves or anxious feelings your first-time customer might have.

So when they arrive no matter how busy you may be:

  Ask them for their name and be sure to remember how they pronounce it

Invite them to take a seat – whether you’re ready for them at your nail station or if you need them to wait in the waiting area, let them feel comfortable from the very start of their experience with you.

Give them a warm genuine smile – how much does a smile cost? Exactly! No matter how tired or stressed you might be this person has chose to spend their hard earned money with you, so let them feel welcome in your salon.


Make sure you are able to effectively communicate from the get go (this goes with all of your clients)

 Some people like things done a certain way – so it’s best to find out these things at the very first appointment and get it right first time✅

 Double check what they are here for and discover their needs and concerns.

For example: they could be at your salon for acrylics not knowing that Slickpour (our amazing dip powder ????cheeky plug) might suit their lifestyle and nails better to build that strength so get into this conversation straight away!

Getting this quick chat can not only make your first time client feel at ease and feel that you care but it can also save you a lot of time in the long run⏰


Once the service is completed there’s still a few things for you to do to convert this first time client into a regular returning customer.

 Always ask if they’re happy with the service, if they want or need any changes

  For example: are the nails too long? Stay calm and open-minded as this would be nerve wrecking for most people to speak up. If you create an environment where they feel like they can then you’re doing your job right!

I mean if you ordered your usual skinny latte from Starbucks and they gave you a cappuccino you would let them know and give them the chance to fix it – so try to do this with your clients.

If the customer is happy – then…

  Offer to book their next appointment – help them get booked in there and then. Not only is this another client in your books but it saves them time and effort booking at another stage – PLUS it makes them feel like they are welcome back.

  If they don’t book in that’s ok, let them know they can DM you, call, book online – all the ways they can re-book with you if they want to at a later time

  Aftercare. This one is important as many people don’t understand the importance of aftercare. Never assume especially with new customers that they know what aftercare is required. Always dish this out at the end but also note this is also a great time to up-sell.

Top Tip: Stock cuticle rose oil in your salon and let your customers know the benefits of having it and that it will help protect their natural nails and their fresh manicure they literally just had.


So these are just 3 easy ways you can convert first time clients into your regular paying customers. Let us know what you think and if you have ANY questions about anything we discussed here.

A warm welcome with a genuine smile, a quick chat on their needs and wants, and that final step of encouraging them to come back again will go a longggg way!

“If you want to make a good first impression, smile at people. What does it cost to smile? Nothing. What does it cost not to smile? Everything, if not smiling prevents you from enchanting people.”

– Guy Kawasaki

P.S if you have any questions about anything above get in touch we would love to chat with you.

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