Does your Nail Salon need an Online Booking System?

Does your Nail Salon need an Online Booking System?

If you run or manage your own salon, you’ll definitely know that evenings and days off certainly aren’t a time for you to switch off and relax… instead it’s usually replying to Emails, DM’s, Facebook Messages and even missed calls and voicemails to sort appointments. 

There can be A LOT of time spent for this process, and more times than not it takes waayy longer than it probably should going back and fourth with multiple messages for one appointment...

 ...and guess what there is a solution to this - an Online Booking System. 

Why Do I Need an Online Booking System?

Not only will this SAVE you time and energy (and allow you to relax in the evenings) but will also make booking an appointment with you super easy for your clients and customers. 

And with many online booking systems competitively priced, there hasn’t been a better time to introduce this to your business. (Check out Booksy, Phorest and Treatwell and find one that works for YOU and your business needs.)  

We’ve put together some key bits of information to consider if you are thinking about getting an online booking system, no matter how big or small your business is:

  • Studies have found that up to 70% of clients PREFER to book online (it’s just easier isn’t it)
  • Reduces the amount of ‘no-shows’ - by taking deposits at the time of booking AND sending appointment reminders automatically via text and email - EVERYONE wants to reduce this figure!
  • Your diary is literally open 24/7 - customers won’t have to wait for your salon to open, or that period of time that you dedicate to ‘bookings’ on a Tuesday Evening… no more “I’ve replied to all the DM’s message again if you didn’t get one”
  • You can reach a MUCH larger audience - by featuring on the booking systems platform, this will help NEW potential clients hear about your business on their site, through Google etc. 
  • With the extra time you will have by not manually scheduling appointments in your diary you can choose exactly how you want to spend this time, whether it’s working on your business (rather than in it) and helping it grow. Or spend that extra time shopping at YN ? @
  • Lets your customer feel in control that they are booking this themselves - saves that ten minute phone call going back and fourth until you finally find that perfect slot!
  • You can switch off - yes you can actually switch your phone off and have a rest knowing that your booking system is taking care of your appointments.
  • It helps you enforce your cancellation policy - your T&C’s will be spelled out for your clients at the time of booking so can help with any potential awkward conversations that might come up. 

So many benefits of an Online Booking System..

So really when you think about it there are so many benefits:

⏰Save Time

?‍♀️Reduce Stress

?Increase your revenue

?Reduce No Shows

?Enforce your Cancellation Policy

?Increase No. Of bookings

?Reach a new target audience 

?Give you back your evenings ?

It is definitely worth considering, if you have an online booking service you could fulfil a few extra nail services a week, therefore increasing your revenue and making life a little bit easier for BOTH you and your clients. Or simply create more free time to have at home, with your friends and family or maybe just a bit of you time.

Do you use a booking system? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below ?

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